Take Action: Social Media Toolkit

Massive out-of-state corporations, special interests and Trump’s biggest donors are all bankrolling the opposition to Prop 15 and Prop 21.

These billionaires and wealthy corporations are spending tens of millions of dollars in political donations, lobbying, and employing highly paid lawyers to avoid regulations that protect renters, maximize rents, minimize tax payments, and stop fair property tax reassessments.

These wealthy corporate interests have paid influential Black and Latino leaders to front their lies and deceptions using scare tactics to maximize their profits and continue to exploit loopholes.

But here’s the deal: Prop. 15 and Prop. 21 would enable us to reclaim our power and funding back from corporations and allow us to invest it in making California a place where all of us can thrive. And we are fighting back against the opposition to protect our communities. 

Use this toolkit, with our sample tweets and graphics, to tell your friends, family and neighbors to vote YES on Props 15 & 21. Together, we can make real estate money politically toxic and ensure our communities are protected from the interests of corporate real estate and developers. 


Save these graphics and attach them to your tweets.

Paid for by Committee to Save Our Neighborhoods, Sponsored by Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment Action. Committee major funding from: The San Francisco Foundation.