Real estate money rigging the system against Californians

The California real estate industry’s two premier front groups driving high housing costs, luxury housing development and displacement are the California Association of Realtors (CAR) and the California Apartment Association (CAA).

CAA lobbies and funds political action committees as a funneling front for some of the largest California and Wall Street Corporate Mega Landlords.

In 2020, CAA and their key allies funneled over $157.3 million dollars through nearly three dozen political action and independent expenditure committees from January 1, 2020 to September 19, 2020 to keep voters from breaking their stranglehold on California politics and the politicians that do their bidding.

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#NotForSale In the News

Bulldozer with Cash

Who’s paying to rig the rules in California?

Year after year, massive mega corporate landlords and their ultra-rich bosses rake in billions by profiting off of Californians and our homes — and the richest grow richer during the pandemic. Together, they control our homes, the land our communities are built on, who can live on it and for how much. Through front groups like the California Apartment Association they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to keep control over this rigged system, block needed regulations, and make sure that no one will stop them.

Cash for CA

Who’s selling out California?

Californians want stable homes and communities where their families and futures thrive. But many of our politicians, instead, sell our dreams out to advance their careers and maximize corporate landlord profits. Our communities are fighting back to support Champions and remove politicians doing the mega landlord's bidding.


Who’s fighting back?

California communities have stood together to stop absentee speculators and mega billionaire corporate landlords and investors from driving the housing displacement and homeless crisis. We have capped outrageous rent hikes, stopped unjust evictions, won back our homes and passed policies to limit the influence of corporate landlord money on local decisions. We are organizing to make sure billionaires pay their fair share so our schools and communities can thrive and neighbors continue to keep their homes to improve our communities.